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  • Babson College Entrepreneur Profile - July 2010
    “The stock market keeps you on your toes,” says Maribeth Holland, founder and portfolio manager of Sutton Place Capital Management LLC (www.suttonplacecapital
    .com) in New York City. “Every day is different.”
    Holland, who began her financial career at Merrill Lynch, has worked for more than 15 years on Wall Street, where she had the good fortune to be surrounded by strong mentors. “I decided to start my own firm so I could have the flexibility to think outside of the box and deliver more personalized care,” she says. “Larger firms tend to follow a strict formula, but a smaller firm can be more nimble.”
    This strategy has worked well for Holland. “The firm’s 2009 performance beat the S&P 500,” she says. “Having an independent firm allows me to react faster.” The former sell-side analyst, who identifies companies with growth plus income characteristics, says that her average client is a high-net worth individual, and she has a few institutions and not-for-profit organizations. She also has developed a stock portfolio model for socially responsible investors.
    A challenge that Holland has encountered in having her own firm is maintaining the high level of discipline necessary to adhere to her goals, both short- and long-term. She keeps up with research and stays on top of the news. Her clients need to see that she works hard for them, that each individual account is important. Holland recognizes that networking, although time-consuming, is invaluable. “I’ve been in the business for 18 years, and I have a strong resource of names, good will, and connections. Sometimes there are questions that can’t be answered through analysis only. And I’ve found that if you ask good questions, people will talk with you.”