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Our Philosophy

Sutton Place Capital Management identifies companies that deliver on earnings because the company offers products with a sustainable purpose and operates in a growing market.  The macro-economic outlook drives the investment process followed by selecting companies that are reasonably priced relative to peer and historical valuation.  Fundamental analysis is incorporated to identify those stocks whose valuations do not yet reflect changes in prospective growth rates in either the company or industry. 

A company’s earnings grow over time, therefore companies across all market capitalizations with the potential to consistently increase earnings and provide dividend growth are considered for core holdings.  This strategy departs from a traditional "buy and hold" because the sector with the brightest prospects five years ago is not always the right sector for the next five years. As founder of SPCM, shaping a portfolio based upon trying to ascertain undervalued companies with a solid growth proposition and selling near fair value is the goal.

We prefer that the company pays a dividend while waiting for the fair value to be attained.



Our Discipline

  • Finding the next "blue chip" stock
  • Concentration on growth with income
  • Tactical overlay when a catalyst is identified